What Is Loneliness?

Woman feeling alone

There are many times in our lives where we feel disconnected from our family, friends and those who are close to us. Even when we have people around us we can still have the feeling of being lonely. Loneliness is a common feeling that may cause emotional distress, anger and feelings of anxiousness. People who are lonely tend to be withdrawn even further when they have limited social interaction or if they have fears of being rejected.

Many times you will find that people feel loneliness for a number of reasons, such as being single with no mate or prospects of getting one, being divorced from your lifelong mate, death of a loved one, lack of companions in college, changing employment or moving away from your home town. Most people experience some serious symptoms from being lonely that may include severe headaches, fatigue, weight loss, weight gains and other physical problems. Psychological problems also are sometimes a problem for those who are lonely such as feelings of worthlessness, depression, anger and many other problems.

In most cases lonely people may turn to activities that will help them to drown out the feelings of being lonely, some may spend may hours working or may put in a lot of time in front of the television or video games. They will find a lot of activities that they can do by themselves, because they fear being rejected should they ask someone to participate in the activities with them. In some cases, where the person is single, the feeling of loneliness is sometimes so acute that when they do meet someone who wants to spend time with them, they tend to drive the person away by becoming obsessive or clinging to the person as if it is the last time they will ever see them. These behaviors are often followed by more destructive behaviors to drown out the pain, which include overeating, drinking a lot of alcohol, or taking drugs.

For those experiencing loneliness, the problem does not have to be permanent, they just have to find methods and activities that help them to overcome loneliness. A person should get out and meet new people. For singles there are websites on the internet that allow you to meet and talk to other singles without the pressure of an actual date. You can talk to them and share your story with them, if you find a connection after chatting for a while, you can get together. Even if you don’t find a mate using this method, you may at the very least find a lifelong mate.

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