Did You Know that Relationships which Start Online Have Higher Chances of Success?

This is a statement made by the German psychologist Enrich H.Witte, expert in interpersonal relationships.

And according to this German psychologist, in less than 10 years internet will be the main vehicle to find a relationship.  This statement is based on the fact that online dating sites:

  • Have many members who are looking for a relationship (the most popular sites have millions of members). These people are especially receptive to the idea of starting a relationship, which is the first step.
  • In these dating sites it is relatively easy to find other people who have a profile which is attractive to you.
  • These sites allow you to contact easily other people and others can contact you too.
  • These sites include a lot of information about each one of the members so you can know if the person may be a good match for you or not before you decide who to contact.

Does Online Dating Really Work?

I met someoneOnline dating does work and it can work really well too. For example, dating sites such as Eharmony, are responsible for 2% of all the marriages in the United States, which is equal to an average of 236 marriages a day. Not bad for a website.

Experts in relationships, such as the German psychologist Erich H. Witte, say that relationships which start online are much more likely to succeed, and he goes on to say that in less than 10 years, online dating will be the most widely used way to get to know someone for a possible relationship.

Why Online Dating Works so Well?

Online dating is a great place to meet other people, especially if you are a person who feels lonely. This is so for many reasons, especially the following:

  • Happy CoupleOnline dating allows you to meet many other people. The most popular online dating sites have millions of members, which makes it quite easy to be able to find many members you will find attracted to and who will feel attracted to you as well.
  • Online dating allows you to set the correct pace. In online dating you do not have to rush things but at the same time, you can save a lot of time. With online dating you can meet several people online and then, once you get to know a few of them, date those you feel best about offline to see if it will work out.
  • Online dating is easier than offline dating, especially for people who feel lonely. This is because online dating does not have the same pressure as offline dating, and since you have the chance of meeting many more people all the time, you never feel the pressure you may feel offline, especially if you meet someone you like.

When you meet someone online, you get the chance to know more about the person and communicate before the first date. This gives you the opportunity of getting to know the person better before your first date. Therefore, if you actually go on a first date, this will increase the chances that the date will work out well, since you will already know quite a few things about the other person and can have communicated extensively with her/him before that date.

To Succeed in Online Dating, you Should use the Following Guidelines.

  1. happy-couple2Have an open mind about online dating. If you have never tried online dating before, give it a try now. You really have nothing to lose. If you have tried it and it did not work, try a different online dating site, or put more effort into it.
  2. Take it seriously. As with anything you do, the more time and enthusiasm you put into this venture, the better results you will get. Joining these sites is also a lot of fun, so dedicating some time to the site should not be to hard. You can spend time looking for people, being contacted and contacting other members and having a great time once you join any of these sites. If you are not successful at first or you do not meet the right person at once, keep on trying and do not give up. If you do so, sooner or later you will be able to meet many other people and find the right person. This is the main reason why online dating does not work for many people. They either do not dedicate enough time to finding a match or give up after the first try, especially if the person is not what they expected. This can happen and does happen, however, just as with offline dating, you need to keep on trying until you find the right person.
  3. DO IT NOW. Do not postpone joining one of these sites. NOW is the best time to join. If you say to yourself, I will join later… meaning you probably will never join and you will forget about this… These sites offer free registration and free trial so you have nothing to lose registering now and you will be taking the first step to meet someone special.

Which Are the Best Online Dating Websites?

Which Online Service Should I Choose?There are many, many online dating websites you can join, so it is difficult to know which one would be best to join. To help you in this task, we have selected a review done by an independent source, TheDatingReviews.com. This review very thoroughly points out the most important and the most popular dating websites to help you choose the best one for you. We have selected this particular review because, all the reviewed sites are the most popular online dating sites and the reviews are very well done. These are also the most trusted online dating sites on the internet and offer free registration, which allows you to check out these sites and see what they have to offer before you become a paying member.

With free registration, you will be able to know who you can meet, before you become a paying member. These reviews are also very detailed, so you get an in-depth preview of what to expect before you visit the site. We recommend, based on these reviews, you pick a maximum of 1-3 websites, register and check them out. Then register to the one which seems more convincing to you or which does the best job introducing you to other members that you may feel attracted to.

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